Goncalves Gets Approval From Neymar Over Relationship With 22-year-old


Brazil and Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar has given his approval to his 52-year-old mom’s relationship with her new lover who is just 22.

Nadine Goncalves’ new boyfriend Tiago Ramos, who was revealed by Brazilian outlet UEL Esporte as part of a gaming team called 4K Easy, is six years younger than Neymar.

She posted a picture of herself embracing Ramos in a garden and accompanied the snap with the caption: “The inexplicable cannot be explained, you live it… ❤️”

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Goncalves split with Neymar’s father and agent, Wagner Ribeiro, in 2016 after 25 years of marriage.

And despite the age gap, her new relationship appears to have the approval of her superstar son.

Neymar commented on her Insta post: “Be happy mom ❤️ love you.”

And even Neymar’s father appeared to give the pair his blessing with applause emojis.

Long before meeting Goncalves, Ramos, from the…

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