Who’s The Greatest Striker In 60 Years Of Nigerian Football?


Culled from Operanewsapp.com

Goal scoring is the most difficult aspect of football. It is that final act by a player to put the ball behind a goalkeeper. It is what determines winning and losing matches.

The players that master this art are revered. They are a special breed in a special class, and they are not bought in the market place. In Nigeria, the number of those that can claim to have been true centre forwards, true goal scorers, that can be listed amongst the best in the country’s history, is very small.

I called up strikers’ nemesis, goalkeepers, the players that are in the last line of stopping them from scoring goals, to make their choices of ‘the best striker in Nigerian football since 1960’.

These are their responses and choices.

1. Amusa Adisa, Popolito: Green Eagles 1970/72

Teslim ‘Thunder’ Balogun was very tall, big and strong. His physique was really intimidating. He was fast, very intelligent, a great dribbler, and had very deadly shots….

Source: Complete Sports