Lodi Atletico Madrid Defender Tests Positive For Coronavirus


Atletico Madrid Brazilian full-back Renan Lodi has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus following squad-wide tests this week.

Diego Simeone and his players returned to the club’s Ciudad Deporutiba Atletico. de Madrid training ground after lockdown measures in Spain were relaxed Monday.

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All players and staff, who arrived in gloves and masks for the medical exams, were tested for the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and Spanish news agency EFE have reported that Lodi has tested positive.  

The report goes on to add that nine of the 222-year-old Brazilian defender’s team-mates have been found to be immune from the virus. 

Immunity from the virus suggests that the nine unnamed players have the necessary antibodies – potentially having had and overcome the virus – to combat COVID-19.

LaLiga have already said they are anticipating at least 30 cases of players testing positive for…

Source: Complete Sports