Mayweather Jnr Confirms Retirement From Boxing


Former American world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather says he is not returning to boxing and has also debunked claims he is broke.

Talks that Mayweather  could take on Adrian Broner were dismissed by him as he says he does not want to end up dead like his uncle Roger Mayweather, who passed away in March.

But Mayweather admit the chance to make £300million from half an hour fighting Irish former world UFC champion Conor McGregor in the Octagon could see his business acumen kick in.

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Mayweather took in a reported £221m from his first clash with McGregor in 2017.

But it is claimed he blew his fortune on bling and parties.

A video emerged of him training hard in the ring sparking rumours of a comeback but in an interview with Fight Hype, he said of a return to boxing: “These are just rumours. I’m retired. I’m finished with boxing. I stay…

Source: Complete Sports