Stefanidi, Nageotte, Newman In Virtual Pole Vault


The second edition of the Ultimate Garden Clash will be held on Saturday 16 May with three of the world’s best female pole vaulters facing off in a virtual competition from their respective home bases in Greece, the United States and Canada.

In the inaugural Ultimate Garden Clash two weeks ago, male pole vaulters Mondo Duplantis, Renaud Lavillenie and Sam Kendricks set the bar high by making a collective 98 clearances in 30 minutes, with Duplantis and Lavillenie tying for the win with 36 clearances each.

But the female pole vaulters – Olympic champion Katerina Stefanidi, two-time US indoor champion Katie Nageotte and Commonwealth Games champion Alysha Newman – believe they can match or better the men’s tally.

Under a competition format devised by the male vaulters to get around the absence of officials due to coronavirus lockdowns and the need for social distancing, the winner will be the athlete who can clear the bar the most times.

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Source: Complete Sports