Story Of The N – Incomplete Without Lasun Emiola! –Odegbami writes


For very many reasons I do not like to write about the National Institute for Sports, NIS.

Its story is a pathetic reminder of how Nigeria has lost its way in the development of Sports.

The mere thought of what Nigeria could have achieved had the trajectory of the original visionaries of the national institute been sustained since it was established as an arm of the National Sports Commission in 1974 for the training of elite athletes, short–term professional courses for coaches and administrators, and as the best research centre for sports in the country, dampens the spirit.

Every time I think of the NIS I am reminded of Onyeka Onwenu’s 1984 BBC award-winning television documentary titled ‘The Squandering of Riches’. The National Institute for Sports is a national treasure being squandered on the altar of a leadership of Nigerian sports that is not often appointed on the basis of experience in the field, good qualifications, and passion, but on purely political…

Source: Complete Sports