England Sim Fantasy: the Results of Gameweek 22


wEngland Sim Fantasy: the Results of Gameweek 22

Mané did it for the first time in this season…he scored a hat-trick in a big home win at home!

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England Sim Fantasy Gameweek 12 reached its end and, as promised, we deliver you the final match scores, every day!

This is where you‘ll always find the results for each game, the MVP and the Dream Team of every round. You can check all the main stats (goals, assists, bookings) and the final result of each match.

City won at Palace and kept the lead, Brighton went to Old Trafford and gor away with a draw and the Saints beat Tottenham at home, amongts other highlights. The spotlight was also on Mané’s performance, a hat-trick in a comfortable home win for Liverpool!

Check out the scores!


Aston Villa vs. West Ham

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Bournemouth vs. Newcastle

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Chelsea vs. Sheffield United

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Crystal Palace vs. Manchester City


Leicester vs. Burnley

Liverpool vs. Norwich


Manchester United vs. Brighton

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Southampton vs. Tottenham

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