A Look At The Return Of Europe’s Top Football Leagues


The coronavirus pandemic affected almost every industry around the world and the sports industry was no exception.

As the world learned more and more about the virus, various steps were taken to limit the spread of the virus and to “flatten the curve”. This meant measures like social distancing became the new norm and multiple countries around the world had to go on lockdowns. The worldwide sports industry was also hard-hit by the virus and all major sporting events and leagues had to be suspended indefinitely.

Fortunately, after almost three months of no action, Europe’s top football leagues are finally coming back! Here’s a look at how the different leagues are planning to get back up and running.

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The Bundesliga

The German top-tier football league was the first of the major European leagues to restart its games on 16th May. While many other leagues were still planning to restart games or had…

Source: Complete Sports