Is There ‘Juju’ In Sport? My Baptism! –Odegbami writes


Does Juju exist at all? Does it work? Does it exist in Sport?

I do not have any of the answers to the three questions, but I have experiences that span almost 50 years since I played my first serious football competition as a teenager in my first year in Ibadan after leaving Jos at 18.

These past two days, foremost African Cinematographer, Tunde Kelani, have been discussing those experiences and he can’t hold back his fascination and the possibility of a movie coming out of it!

To start with, the use of the word Juju almost always connotes a local practice, an uncivilized trip into fetishism, or voodoo, or magic, or crude cultural practices. But look at it a little differently, as what people do physically in a quest to seek spiritual interventions in their affairs – fasting, sacrifices, incantations, routine rituals and so on, and the word takes on a new and more acceptable meaning. But Juju is Juju. It is the seeking of the favorable ‘face’ of metaphysical aid to…

Source: Complete Sports