Making The Rest Of 2020 The Year Of The Football Field!


The best football stadium in Nigeria today is probably the new, state-of-the-art, magnificent edifice in Akwa Ibom State, the Akwa Ibom International Stadium, Uyo [oictured above]. It may also have the best football playing surface of lush, flat and green grass.

I have actually watched a few matches of the Super Eagles in the stadium and think that the field of grass is quite good. At the same time, I also think it is still not good enough compared to playing surfaces in most clubs in Europe that we see week-in, week out on television, and some that some of us have had the good fortune of playing on even during our days in football, decades ago.

So, as I write on the subject of football grounds, let me state clearly, first, that I know what I am ‘talking’ about from personal experiences that cannot be bought in the market place. Such experiences are required for a better understanding and appreciation of the subject of a good football pitch.


The playing surface of…

Source: Complete Sports