Nigerian Football Grounds – The Revolution May Be Here, At Last!!!


I watched an under-reported news item on one of the television channels a few days ago that lifted my spirit. Our football may be about to enter a new and exciting phase in its growth. We may be waking up from our long slumber in the development of football and its business in Nigeria by focusing attention on the football grounds in major stadia around the country!

I watched grounds men planting natural grass on the football field of the Adokie Amiesimaka Stadium in Port Harcourt. That will be the home ground of the Rivers State government sponsored Sharks Football Club of Port Harcourt from the next football season. Great news.

With snippets of similar developments in a few other places, I am excited and returning to the ‘boring’ subject again, for the umpteenth time, in my newspaper columns.

Natural grass is the key to the best football and to the growth of the football business!

It is that simple and almost too good to be true that such a small ‘step’ by clubs…

Source: Complete Sports