Nigeria’s Greatest Track and Field Athletes In History


Who is Nigeria’s greatest track and field athlete of all time based on Olympic Games performances?

To many followers of the sport in Nigeria, the question shouldn’t be a difficult one to answer. But that still hasn’t answered the question and this is what Complete Sports’ Dare Esan attempts to provide an answer that should be acceptable to all.

In doing that, I have used not just the weighted total medal count of each male and female athlete, but also the quality of the medals won and final appearances to rank their overall performance.

The number of relay medals won will only count where there is a tie among athletes who have won individual medals at the quadrennial games.

Like in all games, the ranking order will first be based on the number of gold medals won, then silver and bronze will follow in that order. Where there is a tie,the relay medals won will come into play. If there is still a tie,the records set and number of final appearances will follow to…

Source: Complete Sports