Eleven To Watch In The 2020/21 NFL Season


American football has the habit of throwing up some big names – with salaries to match. The current superstar is undoubtedly Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Quarterback is the youngest ever professional to be named both the league’s and the Super Bowl’s Most Valued Player. So it’s no wonder that he’s been granted a record-breaking 10 year contract extension that should seem him through to the age of 35 and earn him over $500 million.

But there are also a lot of other very promising players out there who may not quite have Mahomes’s earning potential at the moment. But a great season in 2020/21 could well see any of the dream team we’ve put together here reaching for the stars in the NFL.

Quarterback: Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans

Despite Watson’s rookie year with the Texans in 2017 being prematurely cut short by an ACL injury, since then he has consistently broken records and made a major name for himself. These include a Texan franchise record of most rushing…

Source: Complete Sports