4 Essential Tips To Improve Security Of Cloud Databases –


If you look at modern businesses today, most of them use the public cloud for some of their critical applications. Examples of public cloud are Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Dropbox, QuickBooks, and more.

However, as a business, when you use the public cloud, a common question might arise in your mind- Is your public cloud safe?IT experts in the field of database management say the public cloud is being used like never before. Most companies place tons of sensitive data on the cloud.

Credible service providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have advanced security standards. However, in the above context, you must note that these providers can only protect your data when it is with them. Once it leaves the cloud, it is subject to security threats.

How is the data unsafe?

Look at your company daily. Your employees access, download, share, and transfer data from all devices, from any place and to anybody. Most security breaches are committed due to inadequate cloud…

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