Different Categories Of Online Slots


The online slot industry is massive and growing by the day. Slots differ in a number of ways, including the number of reels, special features and paylines. While all slot types essentially work in the same way, there are some prominent differences. It is thus important that players, especially beginners, do their homework before diving in.

Find below a few of the different types of online slots. This will help you choose the game before you play slots games online.


Three-reel slots feature only three reels and are modeled after the traditional fruit machine. It has only three reels and three rows of symbols. The middle row represents the one and only payline in the game. Winning is thus as simple as landing a winning symbol combination across the middle row.

Three-reel slot games represent the simplest form of online slot games. They are great if you are a beginner and you feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. It will ease you into the world of online…

Source: Complete Sports