Sport – Slavery For Local Athletes In Nigeria! Odegbami Writes


Sport is presently slave labour in Nigeria. Without exaggerating, and I am asserting with all sense of responsibility, most athletes in the Nigerian domestic sport landscape are living in poverty. The evidence is all around us in the level of respect they enjoy in society and in the poor treatment they receive in their clubs, and their status in public.

Unlike what happens in more advanced climes, local Nigerian athletes may be heroes in their community, but only a handful are celebrated as national role models and accorded the kind of respect they get when they move to Europe, America or somewhere abroad, become globally famous, make their fortune and return home.

Domestically, here in Nigeria, there is no fortune to be made, and local heroes hardly become role models anymore. You do not need to look far to know how badly the present system demeans local athletes across all sports in Nigeria, including footballers. They are used without adequate financial benefits, dumped,…

Source: Complete Sports