Rohr On How Nigeria Will Play; Onuach Vs Dessers


Complete Sports’ SULAIMAN ALAO here presents the details of the Rohr’a responses to the questions asked during the elaborate Zoom session on Thursday. The explains how he assembled the 26 players currently camped in Austria for two international friendlies against Algeria and Tunisia, and challenges faced and progress he hopes to achieve with the new players invited.


What are your expectations for these games. What do want to see from your players and your team?

Rohr: I want to see good football. I want to see the same spirit we had long time before in last games. I want to see also new faces, like you know we have eight new players invited in the list of 26.

It was interesting to discover these new players, we’ve already seen a little bit in the training sessions. But the game is different.

We are preparating for the AFCON and looking forward to the World Cup. So these two games [Vs Algeria and Tunisia] will be very interesting, like a test for us, for…

Source: Complete Sports