Liga NOS Virtual: Draft Leagues — The time is NOW!


Liga NOS Virtual: Draft Leagues — The time is NOW!

With 30 gameweeks to go, now is the perfect time to start your Draft League, the most exciting fantasy game mode.

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The 2020–21 Liga NOS season is still in its beginning, but it also reached the perfect timing to start a Liga NOS Virtual Draft League with your friends.

To be able to accomplish this, commissioners of each league must ensure that the Draft is scheduled before this Friday, the 23th of October. And take into account that the moment of the Draft should be done on our web platform.

If by now, you are still wondering what a Draft League is, you have no idea what you’ve been missing. A 10-user league, with unique teams defined by an online draft, a championship model that mimics reality, an open transfer market and playoffs to finish the season, it’s where intensive users get their kicks off in a perfect setting for tremendously competitive private leagues.

In the Draft Model, each league has 10…

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