Message for Nigerian Youths – Gene and Geography! –Odegbami Writes


For a period of 4 years, I was an athletes’ representative, registered with the Athletics Federation of Nigeria as well as the IAAF. I had 4 athletes in my management stable. I never actually got to work with Innocent Asonze and Mercy Nku for various reasons even though they both signed contracts with me. I only worked with Chioma Ajunwa and Charity Opara. With a little bit of support from me both of them became Olympic Gold and Silver medalists respectively.

For the 4 years of my very exciting adventure into the world of athletics and athletes’ management, I was thrown into the deep end of its politics. I tried furtively to arrange meets for my athletes in Europe, the most lucrative and most active athletics environment in the world. Despite invoking my reputation and international sports contacts very few doors were ever opened to us for major meets. After their medal victories in Atlanta ‘96, I had to surrender my ‘hold’ on them to an Italian agent just so that they…

Source: Complete Sports