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The App That Connects Talent To Scouts, Clubs And Fans –


Spoxio is a unique and dynamic social media platform that is specifically designed to provide athletes, scouts, clubs, fans and sport enthusiasts the ultimate place to network, collaborate and engage on a global level as well as professionally in the world of sport.

This social networking app is the “First of its Kind” and focuses on a niche market, which targets all sports worldwide.

Spoxio is available in App Store, Google Play, and web applications. With its multi-dimensional approach, the app also allows sports professionals the opportunity to be recruited by scouts and clubs across the globe, networking with their fans via messages, online streaming and create chat rooms with multiple voice connections.  Equally it will allow users to build a strong fan base, create moments for fans to share their opinion and additionally mentor upcoming potential sports bodies.

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The app is available for FREE via the website/mobile app…

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