Fatai Amoo And The 2030 World Cup! –Segun Odegbami Writes


I read this morning that Fatai Amoo, ‘Arsenal’, one of the most brilliant midfielders of his generation in the 1980s, a player who, with his silky touches on the ball and immaculate dribbling skills, could have played for any club in the world when he was at his best, is assembling a new national Under-17 team for Nigeria.

As has become the story every time the team is being assembled in recent times, there will be a high turnover of players entering and leaving the camp as a result of the hurdle of MIR checks that will be undertaken to determine the eligibility (not the true ages) of the players. This is a scientific process that measures bone density to eliminate those whose bone structure is considered older than that of a 17-year old. It is such a fallible test that, privately, people chuckle at some of the results. For example, two brothers went for the test, the older brother sailed through with flying colours and his younger sibling failed the same test with honours. The…

Source: Complete Sports