Fabregas Talks About Friendship With Mourinho, Fallout With Guardiola


Former Arsenal captain and current AS Monaco midfielder, Cesc Fabregas, in this exclusive interview with Catalunya Radio’s sports show, Tot Costa, tells an untold story about his stint at FC Barcelona under manager Pep Guardiola after making a huge development as The Gunners’ player

Fabregas also explains why his relationship with Guardiola has since nosedived, while his relationship with his manager at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, is blossoming.

He also gives his own perspective about his friend, Lionel Messi’s issues with Barcelona, and the Camp Nou lords’ seeming fall from grace to grass.

Tot Costa: Do you have any idea how to finish your career in Monaco?

Fabregas: I’m still looking forward to trying some other experience. I am already 34 years old, but I am strong and eager to continue playing football.

How do you live football in the context of a pandemic?

Fabregas: It’s weird. It’s sad. You play in amazing stadiums and there is no atmosphere, no fans….

Source: Complete Sports