Some Harms That Football Brings You Should Know


Football is a king sport that is loved by many people. It is very popular and has many major tournaments in the world. It can be said that football brings a lot of benefits to players, and viewers. However, it can also bring many unexpected harms. 

The succession of serious injuries occurring during time on the field is the clearest testament to the dangers players face in king sport. Because of the unique nature with high motor intensity and frequent collision and conflict, this is also a sport with many potential health risks. Join us to find out the potential harms of this football! 

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The rock is not at the right time, it is harmful to health


Football should also not be played when it rains because of the slippery terrain

Football is not the right sport to play at all times. However, if you kick the football ball when the weather is too hot, the player will risk getting sunburned, sprained, or even…

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