The Most Expensive Horse Races


Since ancient times, horse racing has been a popular entertainment among the aristocrats and the rich. The scale of money turnover in this area is sometimes striking. This applies to entry fees for participation in some competitions, and the prize fund. You will be greatly surprised, but UK horse racing today is not the most expensive. Here are the most costly horse races in the world.

Pegasus World Cup

The title of the most expensive race in the world since 2017 belongs to the competition Pegasus World Cup, which is the embodiment of American wastefulness. The total length of the track is 9 furlongs, which corresponds to 1.8 km. The race is held at a racetrack called Gulfstream Park, Florida. Only very experienced horses aged at least four years are allowed to take part in this popular competition.

In 2018, the prize fund was 16 million dollars, 7 of which received the winner of the competition. They became a thoroughbred riding horse named Gun Runner. A total of 12 horses…

Source: Complete Sports