Upcoming Italy Fantasy Derby Challenge: New Reveal!


Juventus vs Atalanta. Stakes are high, the game is nigh!

Derby Challenge: The game mode that puts all the epicness in one challenge!

This third game mode brought to you by Realfevr has it all: in one single event, for those of you who enjoy a one hit challenge with no strings attached, (though be warned, you will be back for more). You create a team for a specific game, with limited choices and 90 minutes of an excitment rush.

Italy Fantasy’s first Derby Challenge brings you a Juventus vs Atalanta in Turin. Build now your team at https://fantasy.realfevr.com/t/DERBYCIT and follow the game next Wednesday, December 16 at 17:30 (GMT), at Allianz Stadium.

Juventus is currently in 4th place. Atalanta lags behind, sitting in 9th place. But that can still change, and those twists are the beauty of football! Moreover, both teams qualified to the Champions League round of 16, which shows that their current Serie A places are far from their true value!

The face of La Vecchia…

Source: Complete Sports