The Forgotten Heroes Of December 12, 1976


We have been in a sprints race against Time! We were 20, or so, at the start of the race.

It is hard to believe that without missing a single beat, without stopping for a single second, time has been running at a constant, unrelenting and punishing pace like an endless motion machine.

The race started on December 12, 1976, the night of our greatest achievement. We went to sleep that night, happy and celebrating.

We wake up today, December 18, 2020, and met reality confronting us in the face.

It is impossible, but the reality is that 44 years have come and gone as in the blink of an eye, or a flash of light.

I look around the running track of our race. There are only 8 of us left. Time is still pounding on.

Most of us have dropped off for various reasons, from fatigue, to futility, to frustration, and a whole battery of other reasons created by the unrelenting, perpetual ‘motion’ of time.

I have to think back about what happened on December 12, 1976. How it all…

Source: Complete Sports