The Most Valuable Esports Companies In 2020


The ongoing pandemic has boosted video game growth, and there has been an increase in revenue generated. The industry has attracted a wider audience globally. Betway eSports is one of the leading brands promoting the growth of the new venture, and it is safe to say that even games created by lesser-known studios have performed excellently in the market.

According to Forbes’s recent report, industry revenue has increased immensely. Forbes also published the top most valuable companies in 2020, and topping the list is eSports organization TSM based in Los Angeles. TSM is valued at a whopping $410 million in 2020.

TSM is closely followed by Cloud 9, based in Los Angeles, with its estimated value being a staggering $350million. Netherlands-based eSports organization Team Liquid is ranked third with an estimated value of $310 million.

According to Forbes, they had to interview 24 eSports organizations, investors, analysts, and advisors for them to come up with the list. The…

Source: Complete Sports