The Road To Complete Sports


By Dr. Mumini Alao

On December 18, 2020, Nigeria’s first all-sports daily newspaper Complete Sports, celebrated its 25th anniversary, having been established on December 18, 1995. In this historical narrative, the group managing director, Dr. Mumini Alao, takes us down memory lane on the birth of the newspaper.

Complete Sports was inevitable. For Complete Communications Limited (CCL), it was the next logical thing to do. Fortunately for us, it was sanctioned by the Almighty God. And in December 1995, the paper was born.

When I joined CCL straight from completing my national youth service in Enugu in 1988, the only sports publication on the stable was Complete Football. Sports Souvenir, the forerunner to CF, had been suspended while Climax magazine, a weekly soft sell, had only recently been launched and was the centre of attraction.

To get a chance of working on Complete Football, I gambled by offering my services for free when the publisher, Mr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase (now…

Source: Complete Sports