4 Bookmaker Secrets You Probably Don’t Know


Most sports bettors have one goal in placing their bets–to win and to make a profit out of their wagers. Naturally, they would want the team they made a bet on to win or at least to win under the specific circumstance according to their bet. However, does it work the same for online sportsbooks?

Unlike you, the customer, the sports bettor, online sportsbooks, or the bookies are not here to enjoy the game. They are not here to enjoy the thrill and the excitement of betting. In online sports betting, how do the bookies play the game? What are the things that they are not telling you? In this list, you are about to discover the top four bookie secrets that you should know–take good note, as knowing these would also help you place better and more strategic bets in the long run.

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They don’t care if you win or lose

Contrary to what you may believe or what someone else may have passed on to you, bookies do not…

Source: Complete Sports