The next Derby Challenge is an English derby!


Manchester United and Wolverhampton step on the field! Who will win this England Fantasy challenge?


Derby Challenge, all the fun and excitement fused into one game mode!

RealFevr offers a third game mode in which you create a team for a specific game, with limited choices and 90 minutes of pure adrenaline, for those of you who enjoy a one hit challenge with no strings attached. But heads up, you’ll be back for more!

England Fantasy brings you its 2nd Derby Challenge: Manchester United vs Wolverhampton! Build now your team at:

Old Trafford, aka Manchester United HQ, will host the game on the 29th. The Wolves, currently in 11th place, are facing the renown Red Devils, sitting in 4th place. Wolverhampton will have to be on their guard and bring their A game to the table, or in this case the field, if they want to stand a chance, especially when they are much lower on the scoreboard. It seems this game won’t be a walk in the park for…

Source: Complete Sports