Super Bowl Over/Under Odds Explained


If you are new to Super Bowl betting and already researching how to carry out wagering properly, you probably already have come across the word “odds.” For newbies, it is a very hard thing to understand. All expert bettors have experienced it when they first enter the world of sports betting.

But by doing research and proper education and experience, you will understand and master the arts of betting. To start your sports betting journey, let us talk about the over/under odds.

What Are Over/Under Odds?

The over/under odds in sports betting, particularly in the Super Bowl, is the most popular and the easiest bet to carry out. This type of betting is also referred to as the total wager. An over/under wagering system can be used not only for the Super Bowl but all other major professional sports in America.

But how does it work? If you bet in over/under odds, you are wagering whether the total points, goal or total run of a game will be over or under the set number by the…

Source: Complete Sports