Infinxi Maintained The Heat –


After many weeks of upbeat Friday night parties, AM has finally pulled the curtain on the second season of Turn Up Friday. Without any doubt whatsoever, this season was totally off the hook. We witnessed a bundle of talents on the show and were reminded once more of how music, dance, and entertainment is deeply ingrained in the African culture.

Infinix was a proud sponsor of Turn Up Friday’s return edition, and they helped to consolidate the fun experience on the show with the introduction of new engagement ideas. Talk about the weekly dance challenge that ran concurrently on social media as soon as the show got underway and the intense dance duels between outstanding dancers on selected episodes of the show. All of these activities added new layers of entertainment to this season of Turn Up Friday. To say the least, the show was satisfying.

Through the years, Infinix has echoed its interest in music, fashion, and entertainment among other subsets of pop culture. The brand has…

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