A true Istambul Derby for Turkey Fantasy’s Derby Challenge debut!


Beşiktaş vs Galatasaray, who will win this Turkish classic?

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Derby Challenge: one game mode, all of the excitement! A game mode that challenges the player for one specific game where they create a team with limited choices and enjoy 90 minutes of pure adrenaline! It’s a recurring challenge, stay sharp so you don’t miss a single one!

Welcome Turkey Fantasy’s first ever Derby Challenge! It brings you none other than Beşiktaş vs Galatasaray, two teams that are currently on Super Lig’s Podium and long-time rivals from Istambul. This deadly match against one another will happen this sunday, the 17th, at 16h00 (GMT) at the Vodafone Park! Craft a winning team here: https://fantasy.realfevr.com/t/DERBYCTR

Beşiktaş is in first place and with that comes a certain comfort with bragging rights, but that’s exactly the moment teams have to be on their best guard as other can just snatch their lead right under their noses if they’re not careful. 11 wins, 2 ties and 4 losses,…

Source: Complete Sports