Whyte Questions Joshua’s Desire To Continue Boxing


British heavyweight boxer Dillian Whyte says Anthony Joshua’s talk of retirement has raised questions about his desire, but still believes his rival will want to settle their long-running feud.

Joshua has suggested he is “coming towards the end of my career” and hinted that he will have a maximum of “five years left” in the sport.

But Whyte views this admission as a sign that Joshua no longer has the same burning desire for success.

“He seems to be fighting a lot more defensively than he used to do. Maybe he’s thinking, ‘You know what, I haven’t got long left, it’s a hard game.’

“When you achieve everything you’ve set out to achieve and you’ve got lots of money, sometimes you think, ‘You know what, let me just retire and go and do something else.’

“He doesn’t strike me as someone who loves fighting. He loves the business and he loves the opportunities.

“Obviously he’s a good athlete and a good boxer, but he doesn’t strike me as…

Source: Complete Sports