Esports In 2021: How Will It Work?


It is fascinating how the esports industry has become mainstream in recent years. One can safely assume that gaming days have become more than just about going against the computer or friends. Nowadays, the international esports entertainment group has transformed into a real sport where it’s possible to get tickets to watch teams play against each other in large arenas. Unsurprisingly, the world of betting has also taken to this sport in a kind manner, and one can now place bets on tournaments—similar to Moto GP betting, F1, or other sports.

Yet, 2021 has brought a new set of challenges to the industry. Just as the coronavirus pandemic has hit any other walk of life, the year 2020 has witnessed a complete stop or a drastic reduction in the number of esports tournaments. One of the crucial advantages of these tournaments is their inability to go online. It has ensured that broadcasts of these events have continued even amongst the pandemic. YouTube is the exclusive esports…

Source: Complete Sports