Champions League Closer To Disbandment: Format Includes African Clubs


Football as we know it is getting closer to the collapse and the transition to a system of semi-closed competition. The richest European clubs decided to put all the cards on the table and, led by the ‘now or never‘ principle, put pressure on the establishment of a separate competition that would increase the financial ‘cake’ but would reduce the number of those who would share it at the same table.

Although FIFA refused to talk to representatives of 15 clubs that call themselves the founders of the ‘Super League’, a few days ago, they decided to make a new offer to the governing body of world football, which it will not be able to reject so easily.

FIFA has repeatedly said earlier that anyone who tries to create a separate league outside the continental confederations will be expelled from all competitions and participants will be punished with a life ban from playing football. However, this time, the organization based in Zuerich will have to think twice before they…

Source: Complete Sports