How some officials ruin the lives of athletes! This is the story of Nkechi Akashili.


I am writing this at the cost of hurting certain ‘friends’ and offending certain sensibilities. Unfortunately, to be silent is to be complicit, to hang a moral Albatross around my own neck because, as a former athlete and a national Sports Ambassador, it is my responsibility to defend the cause of sports, of athletes and of the Olympics at all times.

So, I apologise to all those who may feel that I am offending them by expressing my opinion here.

Abraham Lincoln, it was who famously said that ‘nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power’.

The evidence of the abuse, misuse and arrogance of power is all around us in Nigeria. The common opinion is that once a Nigerian ascends to a position of power or authority, the spirit of pride, arrogance and corruption immediately takes over their being and transforms them into physical monsters and moral demons.

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Source: Complete Sports