Neymar Confirms Desire To Stay At PSG With Mbappe


Neymar has confirmed that he would like to extend his contract and stay with French champions Paris Saint-Germain and hopes Kylian Mbappe will do the same.

The Brazilian has been in talks with the club for a while over an extension of his contract, which is currently due to expire next year.

Despite several ups and downs with PSG, including a transfer request in 2019 and fans requesting him to leave, Neymar hopes to put the past behind him and excel under new manager Mauricio Pochettino alongside Kylian Mbappe.

“I am very happy today. I feel happy. Things have changed a lot, I can’t exactly explain why – if it’s just me, or something else has changed,” the 28-year-old told TF1.

“But today, I am feeling good. I have adapted. I feel calmer and I’m very happy here. I want to stay at PSG, and I hope Kylian will stay too. Of course, that is the wish of every PSG supporter.

“We want PSG to be a great team,…

Source: Complete Sports