Akashili Saga – Why Minister Of Sport Must Investigate Anti-Doping


Following my article last week a social media platform of very prominent stakeholders, cutting across all sectors of sports, took up the subject matter.

One of the principals in the body that I erroneously referred to as WADA Nigeria, which is really the (Nigeria) National Anti-Doping Committee, NADC, published portions of the code of WADA (the world anti-doping agency) that all countries affiliated to it must use as their holy book whilst conducting tests for athletes.

I am morally compelled to revisit the subject being aware that very few Nigerians know next to nothing about doping, fewer still are interested to know anything about it, and nobody appears to know everything about it.

Doping is of a highly technical, boring and complex nature that even this introduction is already confusing even for me the writer. I am saying so much without saying anything tangible. It is a truly complex subject.

For practical purposes the complex WADA codes and handbook are reduced…

Source: Complete Sports