Technology Advancement Has Made Football Easy For Players


Former Super Eagles midfielder, Mutiu Adepoju believes the current level of football has been made so easy due to technological advancement.

Popularly known as “head master” during his playing days, the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations winner stated this during an interview with

He said that most players today have been exposed to better training facilities and technologies that enhance quality fitness and players’ performance.

“There were different ways of training in our time; there wasn’t much technology. These days it’s different, the technique with the aid of technology enhances players’ performance,” Adepoju explained.

“It’s much better and easier to do things now. But if we had been exposed to technology and complimented with the amount of physicality in our game, perhaps things would have played out differently.

“When I was in the Flying Eagles, we would run from the Liberty Stadium to University Ibadan (UI), because endurance and physical training…

Source: Complete Sports