Owners Of Major Sports Betting Companies In Nigeria Their Net Worth


When it comes to sports betting, the person betting places a wager on what they predict to be the outcome of a game. If his or her predict(s) are correct, they win prizes (mainly monetary or, in some cases, physical goods). This takes knowing the game, and knowing the skillset of various players. Plus, predictions can vary heavily with every sport you spectate.

This is especially the case for Nigeria, since the country, nowadays, has treated sports betting as a gold mine – or the “new oil business.” While some people still view this practice as sketch and illegal, there are also legitimate ways to take part in sports betting. In short, sports betting can be entertaining and (perhaps) rewarding, being able to create predictions, and observe the many possibilities that can transpire in a sport, thus spawning the art of correct prediction.

Since sports betting has grown in momentum in the recent years, how is the business coming along? Rather than show a lot of the numbers and…

Source: Complete Sports