Top 6 Worst Premier League Footballers In 2020


The year 2020 has surely been a tough year for every aspect of life and football is no exception. But just like darkness can make stars shine, many footballers continued to establish great achievements and showed no sign to ever stop climbing their career ladder even in challenging times. Many others, however, definitely struggled to survive the already-hard game they are in.

Let Fun88 take a closer look at 3 big clubs and single out each one’s worst players this season based on statistics and overall impact for their club!

Worst Premier League player 2020. This is not a noble title to be honored, but at least it is worth mentioning before placing a bet on the match.

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Top 6 Worst Premier League footballers in 2020

1. Nicolas Pépé – Arsenal

Nicolas Pepe’s arrival has definitely brought a huge level of excitement knowing he was the single-player who had more than 20 goals and over 10 assists…

Source: Complete Sports