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1989, it was an encounter of the rarest kind.

You just do not get to meet with 3 of the greatest sports casters in Nigerian history in one place, for an entire week, talking food, family and football. It rarely happens like that.

But thats what happened to me in 1989. Thinking about it now, I was a bit naive. I could have made bigger capital of the meeting offered by properly documenting it for history. I didn’t and memory fades and fails with time. It has been almost 32 years since then. Don’t blame me, I was a rookie journalist.

It was my very first assignment as an ‘untrained’ reporter. I say so because I never had any formal training as a journalist even though I had been writing a column in the Sunday Tribune 10 years before, since 1979, at the height of my football career.

Banji Ogundele, previously of the Daily Times, had moved to Ibadan to take up his new appointment as Editor of Sunday Tribune. He kicked it all off when he saw some of my work (writing and…

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