15 Highest Paying Jobs In Sports


Sport is a multi-million-pound industry that is much more than just the players who take part. From managers to merchandising, sports betting to sports slots and so much more, there are hundreds of jobs and rose for anyone interested in being part of this sector of society. However, if you’re keen to be at the top of the earning list, you want to aim for some of the best-paid jobs, so here are 15 highest paying jobs in sport.

  1. Sports Physician 

With earning capacity up to and over £200,000 per year, these doctors specialise in looking after athletes and other sportspeople, ensuring they are in tip-top condition to compete. It is also their job to provide emergency care and education on nutrition, exercise, and overall health and wellbeing.

  1. Sports Psychologist 

The sports star’s health and wellbeing are always at the top of the list, and sports psychologists deal with the mental health side. They can help with achieving goals, rehabilitation, and overall, wellbeing care. As…

Source: Complete Sports