Are Sports Cars More Expensive To Insure?


When looking for a new car, you are looking at the price tag, monthly payment, and insurance costs. The make and model of a vehicle ascertain the insurance bill of a car. Indeed the sports cars are likely more expensive to insure, the reason being; the spike in accidents and pricey onboard safety equipment.

Car assurance costs have been on the rise lately. Additional risks in driving sports cars make them expensive to insure. The insurance of a sports car can range anywhere between $1200 to $5000 bucks. Sports cars are heavy on power but use more gas; the need for adrenaline in sports cars has undoubtedly played a significant role.

Sports cars are often glamorized in Hollywood as a symbol of freedom, power, and excitement. Can you wonder about the price tag of these sports cars? They are obviously settling in the range that would take all your salary and savings. If you want to hoard some bucks from your pocket, the used sports car is the way to go.

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Source: Complete Sports