Erling Haaland Stands In The Way Of The Man City


After Friday’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final draws that pitched his side, Manchester City, against Borussia Dortmund, Pep Guardiola and his backroom staff would have probably asked Google: What makes a good striker? And How do you stop a striker from scoring? Erling Haaland is the necessity that is the mother of these questions.

The popular search engine will most likely come up with all the wrong answers only because Guardiola and his crew asked all the wrong questions regarding the Norwegian. To avoid a situation of “garbage in garbage out” the question should be, what makes a good free-scoring striker? And Google will tell the former coach of Barcelona “your wish is my command” and provide answers as follows:

Heineken UCL Special: Erling Haaland

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Confidence without arrogance; great touch with inside of the foot, laces, outside of the foot, chest, thigh, head, and shoulder (yes, shoulder, the best of the best like Haaland often use their shoulder); football speed which is a combination of the…

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