North Korea Withdraws From Tokyo Olympics Over COVID-19 Fears 


North Korea has become the first country to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics because of concerns over coronavirus, reports Sky Sports.

A website run by the North Korea’s Sports Ministry said its national Olympic Committee confirmed during a meeting on March 25 that it has decided not to participate in the Games to protect athletes from the world public health crisis caused by Covid-19.

The pandemic has already pushed back the Tokyo Games, which were originally scheduled for 2020, and organisers have scrambled to put in place preventive measures, such as banning international spectators, to ensure the safety of athletes and residents.

Japan’s Olympic Committee said on Tuesday that North Korea has not yet notified it that it would not participate in the Tokyo Games.

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Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, said the government hopes many countries will join the Olympics and he promised…

Source: Complete Sports