English Premier League 2021 Season Overview And Winner Predictions –


Season favorites at start of the league

The Premier League 2021 season had some hot favorites that were expected to put a strong show and probably lift the trophy at the end of the season. Liverpool, the immediate champions was touted to be one of the hot favorites to lift the trophy yet again in the 2020 – 2021 Season. Manchester City, the runners up in the league last season was also being expected to be a worthy title contender against the Reds.

Expected top seven table contenders

The other strong teams that were also expected to show up in the top six on the league table included; Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Leicester and Tottenham.

League unexpected up setter

The unexpected however took center stage when the little expected Aston Villa started the league on high note going by demolishing Liverpool, champion favorites 7 – 2! As if to confirm their quest for the title, they then went ahead in the next match to beat another strong team, Leicester by one goal to nil….

Source: Complete Sports