If You’ve ‘Got Game,’ Next You Need Search Your Team


Gideon Amponsah looks straight at me through his screen and mind during our
virtual interview between Ghana’s port city, Takoradi, and Paris, France. He’s more than a good
prospect for a football career, he says, unblinking.
«I’m extraordinary. What you will see, mainly, is an attacking player. I’m talented with my left foot,
with my right foot. I have good style. I’m extraordinary,» says Mr. Amponsah, who goes by

He’s been extraordinary since third grade, playing in southern Ghana. Nearly 21 years old, he’s a
man-sized talent and much appreciated.
«Most of the little kids, when they see me playing, they are really happy to see me playing.»
He’s ‘Got game’ and declares it in the style of Muhammad Ali, who visited Ghana in 1964. The
footballer’s introduction to Ali comes from his uncle when they happened to be in front of the
television in the home they share.

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«My uncle and I are watching boxing, and…

Source: Complete Sports