We’ll Make Man City Suffer In Today’s FA Cup


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Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel has insisted that he will make Man City suffer in today’s FA Cup semi-final clash despite their hunger to keep possession of the ball.

Chelsea have a chance to show that chasm is not a true reflection of their relative quality when they face each other.

Tuchel is yet to record a win over Pep Guardiola, whom he encountered in Germany when managing Mainz and Borussia Dortmund during his colleague’s time at Bayern Munich.

The German tactician believes they can be the league leaders’ equals at Wembley but wants that to apply in the longer term too.

“English football, City’s game, and our game is about the intensity with and without the ball. I expect a very offensive match, a very physical match.

“City have a clear style and DNA. They want to have possession and ball recoveries, and so do we. We have to be on point with our precision, passing, and positioning if we want to hurt them. We need to be on it so we don’t allow easy chances or space…

Source: Complete Sports